Friday, October 14, 2011

Project Halloween Tree

A few weeks ago I decided I needed a Halloween tree on my front porch this year that I can hook up to my light timer to light up a dusk every day, why because it makes me happy that's why:) So here's what I did. I took an old small Christmas tree and 2 cans of black spray paint and went to town

Ta Da!!! Then I put some orange lights on it along with some cheap Halloween trinkets from Walmart and  trick or treat sign that I had from my own decorations
 Then I stuck in in one of my flower pots and filled it in with dirt and rocks so it wont blow over in the crazy saratoga springs wind and here is what it looks like on my front porch

 I just love how it turned out! It makes me happy, especially when I drive up at night and its all lit up and cute. I have also been working on another Halloween decoration with my cricket. I'll post it soon hopefully unless I get lazy and don't finish it which is a very good possibility:)