Thursday, June 23, 2011

My BCB's

What does that stand for.... My Book Club Bitches of course! We are not your average book club. I Love getting together with these ladies once a month for some good ol fashion fun:) We always have a blast even if we only talk about the book for oh I don't know, 10 seconds and then its on to eating yummy food, telling funny stories, laughing hysterically and some times putting people with the mouths of a sailor to shame. If people could hear some of our conversations they may be a little shocked to say the least but that is what I love the mostest! Yes the mostest, I didn't miss spell that on accident :) The month of  May book club was at my house and here are a few pic.s from the end of the night 
 Top Row:Amanda, Jeanette, Me Bottom: Cheryl, Nichole & Evie, Dari & Owen
I really love this one because cute lil Jeanette is doing an awesome pose from the movie Bridesmaids
If you haven't seen it, Go! Its seriously the best movie ever! I think I was trying to do it too but didn't get the one winking eye on time ha ha. We were missing Brittney, Whitney, and Kim that night, its always so fun when all of us are there though. We just had our June session up in Salt Lake with the lovley Cheryl as our host. We had it outside at a park by a streem and it was such a pretty night. After we all headed over to the Gateway for some shopping. Gap had an awesome sale, 50% more off clearance items SCORE! I picked up 3 shirts for $28.00, I love a good deal!
I was just looking through my files and found a picture of the set up I did for the last one I did at my house
I have no idea where the pictures of us here are though haha, must be on someone Else's camera. Looking forward to our next meeting at the cheese cake factory on July 19th, we are reading the book "The Help" which reminds me, I gotta go down load it! Happy Reading!


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  1. Oh my gosh! How stinkin cute are your book club decorations?! Always bein all crafty and creative, that's why I hate you, j/k... kind of. Well good job being cute AND a reader :)