Friday, June 17, 2011

Where the heck have I been?

Well I'll tell ya, May was pretty much a blur to me. Work was absolutely insane and crazy with proms, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Weddings, ect. ect. ect. One of my paychecks from a two week pay period was 95 hours and that made me feel better for being so freaking tired! On top of all of that we have had lots of family in town and nieces birthday parties, oh and I turned 28!!! Yeah not sure how I feel about getting older but I guess I have no choice in that matter:) I did go out to dinner and a movie with my girlfriends for it though here are some pictures from dinner
                     Brittney (and her cheese balls), Jeanette, and Cheryl
    Dari, Me, and Amanda
      Oh and they sang Brazilian happy birthday because we were at a Brazilian steak house and they made me play a tambourine while they wasn't pretty. I can't believe I am going to post this picture but I can't help but laugh and share it because I look like Chris Farley hahahaha
                              and here are the girls laughing at me
over all I had a great birthday and was way too spoiled! James bought me a pink cricut machine with cartridges and scrapbook paper, a sweet i tunes gift card and a NICE shopping trip for some new cloths and such, which was my favorite of all:) I am looking forward to creating awesome stuff with the cricut as soon as I learn all about the dang machine, my boss bought me a bunch of stuff for it and the program sure cuts a lot which is amazing but again I need to learn how to use it.  Oh and James made me this cute birthday cake
I just like the fact that he actually took the time to go to the store and get all the stuff and bake and decorate it for me. Now that's love right there!  Oh ya, I almost forgot, right before my month of craziness We got a new car. James car was having problems again so we decided to get rid of it and buy this little baby which I refer to as my "Mom" car
 I refer to it as this because it would fit 2 kids nicely and all the crap that goes along with them in the back, also because it is my first marriage car. When we got married we both came in with our cars we had when we were single and dating until now. Oh and the 100 thousand mile warranty wasn't too shabby either;) 
    On the home front the tulips are gone and the peony's are out and they are sooo pretty.
Have to be one of my favorite flowers ever! I hope next year they come up bigger and better, fingers crossed.
Well that's all I have time for at the moment but I have another post from my book club that also happened in May that I will post next time, so stay tuned!

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