Monday, September 26, 2011

Remember that Laundry Room Re Do......

Yeah.... I didn't give up on it but it has just been going really really really slow! So far we have put up bead board, Painted, put up shelf's, hung a drying rack, bought a new 3 bin cloths hamper, bought new storage stuff, ect.  I can't wait to finally finish this room! Here is a sneak peek at a few things I have been working on....
 This is a little yarn letter I made that I saw on pintrist 

Recognize that Home Sweet Home print from the Bijou Market?
                       Here is a wood box I bought and painted striped and put my dryer sheets in

Love it , and it is sooo handy!  I also hung up my antique wash board I bought at a flee market way back when I lived in Cali.
                                                  and here is the new 3 bin laundry hamper
Perfect for my lights, whites, and darks! Makes doing laundry so much easier because I don't have to sort them anymore.  Here is a little tutorial of how I made the yarn letter. First I glued 2 cardboard letters together because I couldn't find one that was thick enough
                                  Then I painted them the same color of the yarn I was going to use

                                       Then just wrap and wrap and wrap and WRAP with yarn.

                                                                       and that's it my friend!

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  1. i love the yarn B, and the crackle paint from your other post!! you are too damn creative and crafty